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Basic Tips and Strategies for Playing Poker Online

Learning Poker strategy is a piece of cake, but if you are new to the realm of online poker, then it is crucial for you as a player to know some simple tips and tricks that will help you get settled while playing them after you do funrep app download from Funtarget.

While it takes only a few rounds to learn to play poker, becoming a winning player can take about years. One needs to have a comprehensive idea about poker to have a winning hand at this game. However, with a simple strategy, one can make a difference.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to understanding the strategies and tips of poker…

Yep key to winning relies on your selection:

As a new player, it is tempting to try to play every hand. But trust us when we tell you this, when you play poker after you do funrep download app from Funtarget, you must be selective. Good poker strategy includes choosing the right starting hands. One has even to pass marginal hands to pounce on a monster hand. So, you must pick a few premium hands to raise in the late position. Here are some significant starting hands you can try while playing poker.

  1. A-K suited
  2. A-Q suited
  3. A-J suited
  4. K-Q suited
  5. A-A
  6. K-K
  7. Q-Q
  8. J-J

These are all the hands you raise without any restriction in the late position.  Some hands like A-A and K-K may earn you a win.


You can go aggressive:

You can choose to be aggressive while playing poker. After you funrep download apk from Funtarget, you can choose to be a bit aggressive. Many believe that there is no point in playing premium hands if a player is unwilling to wager a lot of chips and force the other players to be out.

In that sense, the ultimate poker tip is to be right and aggressive while playing poker. So, select a few hands to play and bet them hard to make them fold. You can choose to be aggressive with your small pairs and suited connectors against a weak player. In that way, you will enhance your chance of winning.


After you funrep game download all from funtarget, it is important for the players to bluff a bit more. However, you wouldn’t want to bluff too much. Getting wedded to the idea of bluffing too much may have a negative effect. You can throw in a semi-bluff when you have a drawing and. It will improve the chance of winning.